Parenting Issues

Perhaps the most important issues involved in any family law case are the parenting issues related to the parties’ minor children (a minor child is one who has not yet become an adult by attaining the age of 18). In many cases, parents are able to work these issues out, either by themselves or with the assistance of experienced attorneys such as those at the Law Office of Frank Gaynor; if needed, the opinion of medical and mental health professionals can be obtained to provide guidance.

In the absence of an agreement by the parties, however, these issues will have to be presented to a court for decision. This is a result to be avoided if at all possible because it is potentially destructive to family relationships, time-consuming, and expensive. In the emotionally charged atmosphere which can surround decisions about parenting, the advice of an experienced family law attorney can help you to navigate this minefield and either resolve the issues amicably or present your case to the court effectively. It is critical, however, that appropriate legal advice be obtained as soon as possible, while issues are still open for negotiation or determination.