Honest, ethical and compassionate attorney

Attorney Gaynor represented me in my on going child support case as well as preparing my will and health proxies. He always listened intently and proceeded in a way I was comfortable with. Divorce and child support is an emotional time and his knowledge and ethics along with compassion helped separate the emotional side. The end result was pursuing a case that was handled respectfully while at the same time meeting the needs of my children. I would highly recommend Attorney Gaynor to anyone that needs a knowledgeable, honest and compassionate attorney.

by Peggy, child support enforcement

Knowledgeable-Competent and a Strong Advocate

I can’t speak highly enough about Attorney Frank Gaynor. He is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and was always a strong advocate for me and my children’s well being throughout my divorce settlement. Frank was available to me any time I needed a question answered, asked for a clarification or simply needed to talk about my concerns reagrding my divorce and custody. Frank is an expert in Probate matters. I never doubted that I was getting the best guidance and legal advice available. If you you are considering divorce or are involved in a divorce action, I highly recommend that you speak to Attorney Frank Gaynor.

by Peter, divorce

Professional, friendly, and showed real concern

Attorney Gaynor handled my divorce as well as preparing my will and health care proxy and power of attorney document. My divorce was handled professionally. Attorney Gaynor and his staff always had time to answer my questions and explain the divorce process. They were always friendly and took the time to understand my concerns. I felt they also had a real concern for my children and for settling my divorce case in a manor that would benefit my children.

by William, divorce