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Once a Massachusetts court enters an order or judgment in family law case, the parties must obey its provisions unless and until they are modified by the court. If one of the parties does not, either by not doing something that the party is supposed to do or by doing something that the party is not supposed to do, the question of what action to take arises. If the act or failure to act is causing a significant or on-going problem, then bringing a contempt case should be considered.

If a contempt case is filed, the court will consider the following:

  • What was ordered? It is clear and unambiguous? If it is not, then a modification case seeking to clarify the order, not one for contempt, might be more appropriate and looked upon more favorably by the court.
  • How is that order being violated? Please bear in mind that the court is very busy and cannot get bogged down with what might reasonably be considered minor or one-time infractions.

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There are many issues which can be involved in a paternity case. Some cases may involve many of these issues and others may involve only one or two. Please browse the following pages to learn more about your potential rights and obligations:

Parenting issues:

Financial issues, children:

It is important that you explain your family’s specific circumstances to an experienced family law attorney such as those at the Law Office of Frank Gaynor to explore fully and protect your legal rights. Please contact us to obtain advice pertinent to your particular situation.

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Attorney Gaynor represented me in my on going child support case as well as preparing my will and health proxies. He always listened intently and proceeded in a way I was comfortable with. Divorce and child support is an emotional time and his knowledge and ethics along with compassion helped separate the emotional side. The end result was pursuing a case that was handled respectfully while at the same time meeting the needs of my children. I would highly recommend Attorney Gaynor to anyone that needs a knowledgeable, honest and compassionate attorney.

by Peggy, child support enforcement

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I can’t speak highly enough about Attorney Frank Gaynor. He is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and was always a strong advocate for me and my children’s well being throughout my divorce settlement. Frank was available to me any time I needed a question answered, asked for a clarification or simply needed to talk about my concerns reagrding my divorce and custody. Frank is an expert in Probate matters. I never doubted that I was getting the best guidance and legal advice available. If you you are considering divorce or are involved in a divorce action, I highly recommend that you speak to Attorney Frank Gaynor.

by Peter, divorce

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Attorney Gaynor handled my divorce as well as preparing my will and health care proxy and power of attorney document. My divorce was handled professionally. Attorney Gaynor and his staff always had time to answer my questions and explain the divorce process. They were always friendly and took the time to understand my concerns. I felt they also had a real concern for my children and for settling my divorce case in a manor that would benefit my children.

by William, divorce

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In Massachusetts, child support is governed by the Child Support Guidelines, the current version of which became effective in August 2013. The Guidelines take into account the following factors in determining child support: (1) the parents’ gross incomes from any and all sources, (2) the child care costs paid by either of the parents for the purpose of working, (3) the out-of-pocket cost paid by either of the parents for health (medical, dental, and vision) insurance coverage for themselves and/or the children, (4) any other support payments made by either of the parents, and (5) the number of dependent children involved in the case. You can use the Probate & Family Court’s Guidelines worksheet to calculate child support. buy modafinil bulk powder

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In Massachusetts, a court can award alimony in a divorce case if it determines that there is a need for support by one spouse in order to continue the standard of living maintained during the marriage and an ability of the other spouse to help meet that need. It is possible if not likely, however, that a divorce will result in a reduced standard of living for both parties and it is then a matter of sharing that reduction equitably.

Major changes to the law of alimony became effective in 2012. Under reform legislation, four types of alimony are now available:

1. General term alimony is the periodic payment of support to a recipient spouse who is economically dependent on a payor spouse.

  • It terminates on the remarriage of the recipient spouse, the death of either spouse, or the payor spouse attaining full retirement age under Social Security (67 for people born after 1959).
  • It can be suspended, reduced, or terminated if the recipient spouse maintains a common household with another person for a continuous period of at least 3 months.
  • It is limited in duration based on the length of the marriage as follows: after a marriage of 5 years or less, 50% of the length of the marriage; after a marriage of between 5 and 10 years, 60% of the length of the marriage; after a marriage of between 10 and years, 70% of the length of the marriage; after a marriage of between 15 and 20 years, 80% of the length of the marriage; after a marriage of more than 20 years, no limit (except as noted above).
  • The amount of general term alimony payments can be modified on a showing of a material change of circumstances.

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What happens in a family law case depends on how many issues the parties can reach an agreement, either by themselves or with the assistance of knowledgeable attorneys. Ideally, all major issues can be resolved amicably and the case can proceed as an buy modafinil cheap. In many cases, however, there are some issues which are not readily resolved and which will require that the case proceed as a buy modafinil credit card; as such a case progresses, however, the parties can always reach an agreement and the case can become an uncontested one.

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Normally the parent providing medical, dental, and vision insurance for the dependent children before a family law case is initiated will be required to continue that coverage. If neither parent has such insurance, a determination will be made about which parent has the best coverage available at the least cost. In some circumstances, neither parent may be able to provide health insurance for the children and arrangements will have to be made to obtain coverage through a plan offered by the state.

It is important that you explain your family’s specific circumstances to an experienced family law attorney such as those at the Law Office of Frank Gaynor to explore fully and protect your legal rights. Please contact us to obtain advice pertinent to your particular situation.