Paternity: A baby is born outside of marriage

Marriage provides a legal framework of rights and responsibilities which provide guidance for new parents. Without that framework, it is the parents who initially decide, often by default in the turbulence and confusion following the birth, who is going to do what. What is it isn’t working or you need some certainty in the life of your child?

The Law Office of Frank Gaynor is here to help you, providing sound legal guidance based on over thirty years of focused experience so that you can make informed decisions that will shape your, and your child’s, future. We listen with compassion and understanding … we advise with knowledge and experience… you decide based on realistic client-oriented recommendations. Today is just the beginning …

We listen. We advise. You decide.

Decisions need to be made. Let the Law Office of Frank Gaynor guide you through the process.

  • Where will your child live?
  • When will your child see each of their parents?
  • Who will provide financial support for your child? How much and for how long?
  • What will happen?
  • Where will I go?

“It’s not just what happens in a family law case, it’s how you choose to handle it that makes all the difference.” Attorney Frank Gaynor

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